What We Do

Zenergy Systems was formed by an alliance of veteran gaming professionals to leverage one of the most unique and promising strategies in the gaming industry.

Our foundation is built on proprietary source code and strategic planning to not only break into major markets, but also add a vital and socially conscious element into the gaming industry. Our system introduces a substantial and viable competitive edge that is utilized as a launch pad for success. We have a strategic and comprehensive plan that encompasses a socially responsible concept along with the support of charitable organizations, celebrities, politicians and many more in order to highlight important issues and subsequently raise money for countless charities. Not only has this approach been received with open arms by the gaming industry, we have gained unprecedented support and commitment from celebrities and charitable organizations alike.

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Casinos Care®

Casinos Care® is instrumental in providing much needed promotional and marketing support to our network of organizations for campaigns which are run in conjunction with Zenergy Systems and their corporate sponsors.

The board of directors oversee various aspects of our operations, product development, and corporate partnerships, which provides a level of transparency that is unparalleled in our industry. Additionally, Casinos Care acts as the voice of our charitable partners, advocating for fair and equitable treatment in the highly competitive gaming industry .

Survey: Over 70% of casino patrons would donate...

A recent survey conducted by one of our industry partners found that "players are more likely to donate to a charity when cashing out of a machine if they have been introduced to Zenergy first..."

Upcoming Events:

Visit us at G2E Asia 2018!

The Zenergy Systems team will be attending the Global Gaming Expo at the Venetian Macao the week of May 15th through the17th. We hope to see you there!

Our strength lies within our numbers...

Our donation system incorporates the largest network of charitable organizations of it's kind

New organizations are constantly being added to our rapidly growing network. Each organization has been vetted by our team, with emphasis placed on its fiscal efficiency and contribution to society

Nearly every charitable interest is represented at the local, regional, and national levels. Campaigns can be activated almost instantly through our ongoing partnership agreements with the organizations within our network