Casinos Care®

Casinos Care® is committed to making a difference in the lives of people around the world. Our goal is to work with non-profits that do as much good as possible for the causes they represent.

Our organization's goal is to enhance the effectiveness of our non-profit affiliates within the communities they serve by providing inspirational marketing and public relations services. We’ve had the joy while working with our current non-profits, while carefully crafting and implementing individualized communication strategies based on their specific needs. Our focus will remain on the success of our nonprofits, and achieve unprecedented funding to help further their causes. We are truly thrilled to provide our non-profit partners with a new and exciting donation vehicle via casino patrons in 2015.

As the Zenergy donation system grows in other marketplaces, we will also provide a networking system for all Casino Care™ members and marketing assistance for those looking to create advanced fundraising campaigns through our donation system.

Our Strength:

Our donation system incorporates the largest network of charitable organizations of it's kind.

New organizations are constantly being added to our rapidly growing network. Each organization has been vetted by our team, with emphasis placed on its fiscal efficiency and contribution to society.

Nearly every charitable interest is represented at the local, regional, and national levels. Campaigns can be activated almost instantly through our ongoing partnership agreements with the organizations within our network.

The Donate Button

bringing change to the world with the touch of a button

Enhancing your socially responsible position

enhance established and developing social responsibility programs offered by the casino property and executive management while at the same time creating new revenue streams and shutting down lost revenue leaving the property

We're already on-property

easily implemented through partnering manufacturers. Zenergy's portal allows casino patrons to claim tax deductions in exchange for credits left on gaming terminals that would otherwise have been abandoned

Focusing on your community

gaming terminals equipped with Zenergy's donation system to collect donations from patrons for charitable causes which benefit a great number of charitable causes and surrounding communities

We help your team do it all

provide the gaming industry with the only turnkey donation system dedicated to the gaming market. We are the "go-to" source for charitable donation services